Dubai Moving Companies Hiring Tips

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Hiring Dubai moving companies may seem like a simple process but, considering your life’s possessions and valuables are at stake, it is important to do your homework. Finding the right movers and paying a fair price for the job requires a bit of research on the potential companies. Consumers should know certain legal rights when hiring a moving company. Proper planning and preparation for the move can make the whole experience less stressful and more efficient.


Finding a Reputable moving company

Chances are that most people looking to hire Moving Companies in Dubai start by looking in the on-line. While this may be a good start, it is important to follow up on potential companies by getting references and checking for past complaints. The Department of Transportation Consumer Complaint Database lists moving companies that have had complaints file against them. The Better Business Bureau keeps state-by-state records of complaints against these companies as well. Pick at least three Best Dubai moving companies and do some research to find the most reputable and cost-effective one. Ask your friends, family and co-workers for any good movers they recommend. Get estimates from these companies and write down any questions you have when they come to your home. Always get written estimates and proof they carry up-to-date insurance.

The Best Times to Move

The time of the year, month, and even what day of the week you book your movers can affect the price and availability of their services. May through September are the busiest months for Moving. Families usually prefer to move when school is out and the weather is better, so it may be harder to get the company of your choice during that time. Rates are generally lower from fall to early spring, so booking the movers then may be advantageous. The middle of the month is also a better time to move, since most people need to get in or out of their homes around the first or last of the month due to leases expiring and rent coming due. The middle days of the week are also more available for movers to book you. Booking your movers at least a month in advance is always a good idea.

Out of State Moves

Moving from one state to another changes the way moving companies charge customers, but also offers more protection to consumers due to federal laws. Moving companies are required by law to provide the pamphlet, “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move.” They also must be registered in a dispute settlement program and carry adequate liability insurance. When moving people across state lines, these companies charge by weight and mileage. When the estimate is given, keep this in mind and show them all rooms including stored items so the weight is properly estimated. Understand which payment types are accepted and remember that an estimate is just that. The truck is weighed and the weight of the contents are determined; you may pay more or less depending on the results.When packing your house up for the move, itemize everything. Valuables such as jewelry and rare art should be transported by you or someone you trust.

Packing and Planning Tips

When packing your house up for the move, itemize everything. Valuables such as jewelry and rare art should be transported by you or someone you trust. The movers also itemize the contents they move, so before you sign the inventory sheet, compare the two lists and settle any discrepancies before the truck leaves. When the truck arrives at the new location, check all items for any damage before signing the sheet again. If any items are damaged, reflect this on the Original copy (driver’s copy). If damage is found after they leave, customers have options for filing claims. If the customer packs their own house, many moving companies do not offer liability on those items.

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