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Dubai is the world top-ten expensive city in the world. It is popular for has luxurious life. The popularity of Dubai is due to its stylish, charming, colorful and modern way of life, young and hot people like to stay here due its freedom.


Indian population

As per the information of UAE population, Indians are on the top, raw information say 80% of the UAE total information are Indians and then in Indian most of the people are from “Kerala”.

Where you go in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and Abu Dubai state you will see them in a large scale. They are involved in every day of life due to broad Indian govt policies for their nationals they are entered in all lines of socio economic life.



It is the third largest population in UAE. Majority of them are working as a job in other companies. Employer likes them due to their soft and cool mind. Philippine called to male while Philippina called to female, basically they are very cool minded. Naturally they are hardworking people male and female both working for long hours. Always they are considered very trusty. Most of their females are working as “Receptionist” in different companies.



it is a 2nd larger community in the United Arab Emirates. They are consider the most hard working people, 80% of UAE drivers are Pakistani and then 80% of them are “pathan”. Pathan or Pakhtoon are very hard working employees in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and the green city of UAE, all majority of the UAE company Owners, companies, managers and other heads don’t like them as an employee because they are very rude in nature, hard in brain.



Egypt is the hardworking and hard in nature people in the Arab world, Dubai is a greed garden for the broad minded Arab national. Egyptian love to live in UAE due to same culture, high GDP, good infrastructure and best life standard.


Dubai life style

Standard of Dubai life is very high and attractive especially for Asian national, because Asian life standard is not in a good form. Wealthy people like to move to Dubai (a dream land).


Moving to Dubai

Moving to Dubai from Qatar, Oman, and Saudi Arab is very common. Western people also want to move and settle in the hot season of Dubai.

Why we like to stay in the dream land Dubai?

Ans: Dubai and the entire state is a systematic country in every phase of life, mostly educated and well social people like “system”. System is that thing which makes us run, equal and proper. Without system we cannot run our daily routine so how it is possible run a separate country? In the state of Dubai you can see a proper channel for each and every life waves.


House Movers
House Movers

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