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We understand how stressful it can be to have all of your belongings packed up & shipped off to cross the ocean in a plane or aboard a ship. As a part of our great commitment to help you ensure your employees have a smooth transition to their new place, we provide services whose quality and level of standard no other company can match.

Guaranteeing Moving Experience

Our history goes back 21 years. Over all this time, we have established an unparalleled network of moving service providers and developed processes that no other company will be able to compete with the moving experience we can offer you. We are facilitating relocation and moving all over the world & offer customized solutions for any type of moving, whether it’s local or international.

House Moving Service In Dubai Made easy

We have many experts all over the world – people with local experience and knowledge who understand your destination and the challenges that your employees might face during their move.
In addition, all our Move Consultants are equipped with IT, so that precise inventories of your employee’s possessions can be recorded in order to provide the organization with an accurate cost of move.
Dubai-Movers are not only the experts to contact for the international relocation of your office; we are also highly specialized in local and domestic moves. Our more skilled movers & packers give the same attention to a local move as they would to an overseas relocation. That means you are getting the expertise of a trusted international packer and mover, at competitive local rates.
Committed to making your moving stress-free
Every relocating will be assigned a personal move coordinator who will oversee the process from the planning stages all the way to unpacking. The coordinator will serve you as the single source for answers to important questions and guidance at each step of the moving.
We move more than 5 families a day, So you can rest assured that our moving specialists are using the safest & most efficient packing techniques & materials. Our workers are well trained and highly skilled.

With Dubai-Movers
• We are using double Cartons.
• All furniture is very carefully wrapped to ensure maximum protection.
• Personal belongings are expertly packed with particular care.
• Additional protection is provided with strong wooden crates, bubble-wrap & polystyrene chips.

With Dubai-Movers, you can rest assured that your employees’ household goods are in good hands so they can relax and let us carry the load.
Office Moving

Office Moving Services

Dubai-Movers are trusted every day by organizations worldwide to help them relocate their offices. Companies turn to Dubai_Office_Movers for peace of mind, very safe in the knowledge that we have the experience and expertise necessary to make every office move a successful one. Our specialized approach integrates careful planning, clear communication, personal contact and punctuality into a strategy specifically tailored to your needs.
You know you need to protect your asset(s), make sure your information and telecoms (I.T) systems are decommissioned and reconnected smoothly and effectively, manage employees & above all, guarantee business continuity. We have the total experience, processes and resources to make it happen.
The foundation of very successful office moving, be it across the road or across borders (Qatar and KSA), is good planning. It’s a process we have mastered over thousands of moves, so you can relax during we carry the load.
Contact us to start planning your office move Now.
Moving Company in Sharjah
Moving in Sharjah can be as expensive or as cheap as you want it to be. From full-service movers where a team of professionals and experienced will pack and unpack every single item you own to in the whole UAE and Qatar.
What people say about our Moving Services?
I’m moving in a couple of weeks, we had four moving companies in to give us a free estimate. We finally got a company to move all the stuff from our three bedroom apartment for just AED 2,000 (we are just moving to the next ward), which was totally shocking for me, because I thought it might be around AED 5,000 and I thought I’d share a little of what I learned.
1. Get multiple estimates: All of the companies came down in price when she mentioned that we were getting multiple estimates. She was very careful not to tell them how much the other company had offered though, because if she mentioned a value, they might be argue about how their service was better or included too different things.
2. The cheapest times of the year to move are June (due to the rainy season and it being after the peak), October & November. The most expensive times are March and April when everyone is moving because of company transfers, during in the summer vacation in July and August, and Golden days.
3. Weekends are the most expensive, of course, but Fridays and Saturday can also be expensive or un available because some people move then so they can have the weekend to unpack.
4. The absolute best way to get a deep, deep discount is to say, “I’ll move whenever you have a truck available.” A lot of companies want to keep their labours always busy every time, so if there is a day when they don’t have any moves, they’ll move you for little profit just to keep their staff working. If you tell them a 5 day period that you can be available it’s a great way to save..
5. There are price-focused and service-focused companies. The service-focused ones tried to sell us on things like having a guy come to wait for the gas man, and special boxes so you don’t have to fold your clothes, and cost about 35 percent more. Um, no thanks.
The price focused ones are still highly professional, and are, of course, bonded & insured. If you’re getting multiple quotes, it is better to have the quality-focused companie(s) come first so you can compare prices more easily.
6. Different companies charge for different things. We are moving into a highrising building, and two of the companies said they had to charge us extra because it would slow things down using the elevator. We had flatter rates.
Local Move
Moving services from UAE to Qatar and Saudi Arabia, the entire length of Gulf, Whether you need to move from a tiny apartment across town or to a new home on the other side of UAE, we can help. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our speed and value proposition.
Please contact us at +971-55-4475112 or
email: for any questions or a free survey request.

movers and packers

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Office Moves

We are experts at planning and executing small or large office move safely,quickly and effectively.
In addition to your office move, we also offer the following additional smart services.
• Air conditioner removal
• Furniture Disposal
• Furniture Storage and packing
• Furniture assembly, removal of fixtures and fittings

Storage for Personal Belonging

If you need a safe, accessible warehouse option to store your goods and seasonal items etc., our moving company can help.
We offer short and long-term storage solutions for individuals.

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