Loading and Unloading

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Loading and Unloading
Loading and Unloading

What is important to consider choosing a rental forklift in UAE?

How to choose the right forklift in Sharjah?

For loading and unloading, special, motorized warehouse equipment is used. The best option is a forklift, which has compact dimensions. It is indispensable in industrial enterprises and large logistics centers, supermarket warehouses, markets, construction sites, etc.

There are several types of stackers that differ in technical characteristics, specifics of operation, type of propulsion system. Therefore, the question that arises before customers is how to choose the right forklift trucks for purchase and rental in the UAE? What points do you need to pay attention to first of all? What additional options are just as important when choosing a loading truck?

Before renting a self-propelled stacker, it is advisable to consult with a consultant of our company. Our staff will help with choosing warehouse equipment. In the case of self-selection of a forklift, we strongly recommend that you consider the following parameters:

·  Carrying capacity. According to this, such freight elevators belong to 4 categories — small, medium, above average, and heavy. They can work with goods weighing from 1–4 tons to 16 and more tons. The load capacity is selected depending on the specifics of the tasks set for the stacker. The most popular is the rental of a forklift truck of 5 tons, which is best suited for work in the field of small and medium-sized businesses, urban construction.

·  Maximum lift height. The vertical movement of the cargo is carried out using the mast of the forklift. By default, such equipment can lift items to a height of like 3 meter. This is quite enough for stacking in a standard equipped warehouse. But at especially large enterprises and logistics centers, goods are placed at a height of up to 7 m.

·  Availability of working upgrade. One of the most essential characteristics of forklifts is the ability to install additional equipment. For example, you need to use a stacker with a classic three-meter mast to move goods to great heights. The design of loading equipment should allow the installation of a two- and even three-section mast with a lifting height of materials up to 7 m. The same applies to loading forks. Today, there are no standards for pallets on which goods are generally stacked. Therefore, for comfortable , pitchforks of various lengths, which range from 730 mm to 1200 mm, are used.

·  Ensuring operator safety. In addition to observing the operating rules by the driver himself, the freight elevator must have the correct technical specifications. For example, the engine power must be match the declared capacity. Otherwise, an accident cannot be avoided. It is also advisable to inspect the brakes. This is especially true for a rental truck.

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·  The resource of the loader. Planning a long-term forklift rental? In this case, pay attention to the condition of the engine. The engine life of the supported equipment directly depends on such factors as the type of engine, the operating environment.

·  Availability of detailed specifications. On our website for each truck, there is a detailed description indicating all the main technical characteristics. If you need to clarify any information on the selected loader, please contact the company managers. They will promptly provide all the information you are interested in.

·  Cost. Typically, the price of a used forklift truck for rent is much lower than for a new model. Therefore, such equipment is in full demand not only among small & medium but also large business, industry.

·  Service Renting a stacker by itself is not the best option. The best option is to order a forklift with a qualified operator, the possibility of regular refueling. It is also advisable to have a service for the entire rental period.

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What else you need to pay attention to when renting a forklift?

Secondary stacker selection options to consider:

·  Operating conditions. In the case of closely spaced racks, a forklift with a small turning radius of 1900 mm is required. Stackers with a turning radius of up to 4200 mm are suitable for open spaces. It is also worth considering the environmental conditions. For example, in closed areas, electric forklifts have proven themselves well. For open spaces, more reliable and stable gasoline, gas, gasoline and diesel forklifts are better suited. To operate at temperatures below -5 ° C, it is advisable to rent a diesel stacker.

·  Type of tires. They are pneumatic and solid. The first ones proved themselves in the best way on worksites with an uneven surface, due to their high cushioning properties. Pneumatic tires are indispensable at construction sites, open industrial and storage areas. The second — solid tires, very strong and tough, durable. But due to the relatively low adhesion to the working surface, they are used only on a completely flat, dry floor of closed rooms with a debugged microclimate.

·  Type of transmission. It is manual and automatic. Manual is a classic manual gearbox with a control lever. Its main drawback is that to change gear you need to stop the truck. An automatic gearbox has the same capabilities as a manual one, but gear shifting is possible directly during loading and unloading.

The Company “Transportation Services” provides for rent only high-quality loading equipment. Each forklift is regularly inspected thoroughly. You can order such a used loader from us together with a qualified operator, refueling service and constant service support.

All basic information for each piece of loading equipment is listed on the website. For more information and advice on choosing a forklift, please contact our support team. This can be done using the contacts listed on the site.

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