What to Do Before Moving to New Home with Furniture Transfer

Shifting to the NEW House with Furniture Transfer and setting down in a new place is not much easy. Anyone who has shifted 2 to 3 times can tell you how difficult the task is. 1st difficult task is Packing, 2nd is Moving and 3rd is unpacking and reshaping your daily usage goods. Before arranging your things in the new house, you have to clean it and make sure that the smell of the paint and the strong musty smell from the house is gone. Thus, here are few simple tips to clean your new home and help you make this task easier.

             How to clean a new house before Moving

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Doors and Windows:

Firstly you should clean the doors and windows as they will be filled with spider webs, dirt, flies and other insects. If the house has been closed for a long time, you should hire Furniture Transfer the windows. If you can do it yourself, just use soapy water to clean the windows. Use a dry piece of cloth to rub and clean the wooden doors. Glass frames can be wiped off with newspapers. If there are stains on the glass, spray lemon juice or soapy water on the stains.

Halls and Rooms:

If you are taking a semi-furnished house, you will get bed and mattress with the house. Ideally, you should not use mattresses that have been used by others. Use new mattresses or ones you have carried from the old house. Movable furniture can be cleaned with a dry piece of cloth. If possible keep movable furniture and tables under the sun for 3 to 4 hours to kill germs and bacteria. Cover the base with newspaper before arranging things inside the cabinets and shelves. You can also drop few naphthalene balls to kill germs and insects.


To remove dirt and stains from the floor, you can add few drops of baking soda while cleaning. After shifting to a new house avoid using baking soda on weekly basis. You can add few drops of white vinegar to clean the tiles once in a week.


To maintain hygiene, you have to make sure that the bathroom is clean before you shift. One day before shifting to the new home, clean the bathroom nicely. Use insect killer first to kill flies, cockroaches and ants etc. Sweep and then wash the bathroom. Clean the toilet with a cleaner and make sure you keep a bathroom freshener after cleaning.

Air freshener:

After cleaning your new house, spray an air freshener before leaving . Next day when you come, you will feel comfortable as the bad smell of closed house will not spoil your mood and energy.

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